ID92 - List of Bins that are not Assigned as Bin Default nor Any Items w/qty in them Overview & Sample:

We had some clients who found that, during their conversions to eAutomate, a lot of bins were created that were not being used in eAutomate. So they wanted a list of all those bins that were not assigned as default bins on any items and do not have any item quantities associated with them. VariableW should be set to # of days back to ignore Bins created in that timeframe...  this is so the alert will not trigger on brand new bins created where the items haven't been received yet.

Warehouse bins are created in Eauto in Inventory/Warehouses:


Default Bins are shown at the item level:




Sample output of ID92 contains Bin#, Bin Description, Warehouse Name/Number, and Warehouse Description.  The sample below was exported to Excel, so actual formatting will differ:




This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = # of Days since Bin Created (to ignore Bins created in the last W days entered)

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