ID840 - New Service Call Assigned to an Inactive Technician Overview & Sample:

This alert will notify you of Service Calls that are assigned to an Unavailable Technician or to a Technician who is unavailable at either open or due time. Use our variables to specify call types and whether we check at Due Time or when the call is Opened/Created. Put Exclude in Variable1 to exclude calls on hold from triggering.

Service calls show up in the Dispatch screen of e-automate with an assigned technician if previously assigned in the equipment record.  Dispatch screen with unassigned technician:


Technician is a required field in the equipment record:


Sample output for ID840 contains Call Number, Date, Assigned To, Model #, Equipment #, Serial #, Status, On Hold Code, Caller, Customer Name, Equipment Location, Address, City, Zip, Description of problem, Requested Date, Estimated Due, and Updated Message as shown below:


This alert has the following variables:

Variable W = Hours prior to due time on call to trigger on.

Variable X  = Call Type Category(s) to trigger on (separate list with commas: CM, PM, IR, etc.).

Variable Y  = Due or blank (trigger if unavailable at 'due' time).

Variable Z  = Open or blank (trigger if unavailable at time call opened/created).

Var1  = "Exclude" to exclude calls on hold from triggering.

Var2  =  Branch Numbers to trigger on, or left blank for ALL.

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