ID890 - Syncing Meter Readings

The alert ID890 ITT Sync process will sync meter readings. You must set Variable6 of your ID890 subscription to either 0 or 2 for meters to sync. 

Meters from service calls are sync'd as well as any meter recorded by the servicing dealer.

0 = BOTH Service Calls and Meter Readings will sync

1 = ONLY Service Calls will sync (no meter readings)

2 = ONLY Meter Readings will sync (no service calls)

This will be handled as such for EVERY dealer you sync with. At this time, there is no option to handle each dealer you sync with differently.


**The meter readings between both dealers MUST be of the same Meter Type Category in order the meters to sync.**


Variable12 designates how meters will be entered into eAuto:


0 = Meter automatically entered as NOT billable

1 = Meter automatically entered as billable

2 = Meter will go through you standard meter validation procedures in eAuto

Those validation procedures are set in eAuto under Tools / Options / Contracts:





Meters only sync from servicing to selling dealer (not the other direction). When you are the selling dealer, that meter reading will go into your eAuto with the Meter Source listed in your Variable5 of your ID890 subscription.



New Meter Readings will only be entered by ID890 IF there is not already a Valid AND Billable Meter Reading within the last 7 days (per Variable Hidden4).



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