ID451 - Active Contract Equipment MeterContact Review, Overview and Sample

Client wants to validate all meter contacts on active contract equipment, based on preferred contact method type on the contact: 1) If type email then we validate the format of the email address 2) If Fax we validate that the format of the fax# is ###-###-#### In addition to reporting on the above invalid formats, each month we show any meter contact where preferred method is Phone as that is an exception to review every month. So this alert assumes that "Phone" as preferred method on any meter contact needs should appear on this alert.

ID451 Sample Output contains Preferred Method ofContact, Contact #, Preferred Full Name, Customer Name, Equipment#, Which field needs validating, Email Address, Fax#, and Phone#, as shown below:


This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = 'Allow' to allow seven-digit fax numbers to be considered valid (as opposed to 10-digit, always considered valid)

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