ID658 - Contract Set As Not Taxable, Overview and Sample

Typical business process is to mark every Contract as taxable (via the checkbox on the Billing/Contact tab of the Contract screen). This simple alert advises you of any contract which is not currently set as Taxable, whether the contract is new or the contract has been edited after creation.  The tax box is found on the service contract in Eautomate, Select the contract/edit/(billing/contact tab) code is a required field.


The ID658 output contains the Branch Name, Contract Number, Description, Contract Code, Bill Code, Tax Code, Customer Name, Start and Expiration Date of the contract, as shown below:


You can exclude certain Contracts from this report by using Variables:

Var W = Contract Codes (separated by comma)

Var X = Tax Codes

Var Y = Contract Bill Codes   

Var Z = Branches to run alert for (separated by comma or blank for ALL)

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