ID300 - Item on PO at $0 for item cost, Overview and Sample

Sometimes you just need that simple little alert to let you look over someones shoulder.  Client has new employee doing Purchase Orders, and needs to monitor items on POs so that they all have a cost. New employee is creating the PO but not putting in the cost on the item. This is a training support alert.

Sample purchase order with open items, but no cost:  


Sample output of ID300 contains Branch, Creator ID, Vendor Name, PO#, Description, Date, Item, Quantity, Price, Amount, Vendor Default Cost as shown below:  


This alert has 3 Variables:

VarW = Login UserID of users you want to trigger on (not Name) (separate by comma or blank for ALL)

VarX  = Enter 'ALL' to trigger on all POS, or leave blank to trigger only on $0 items

VarY  = Branch numbers alert should fire on (separate multiples by comma or leave blank for ALL)


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