ID494 - Sales Order Line Item Linked to Incorrect Contract Based on Contract Type Codes Overview & Sample:

Clients have setup multiple contracts on the same piece of equipment (ie:Lease contract, Connectivity contract, Actual Service Contract, etc) and order entry person(s) are selecting one of the non-service contracts to use for supply orders resulting in charges to the customer typically. This alert will check sales order line items that are associated to a contract, lookup the contract type and check it against the list of contract type codes in VariableW and if there is a match it will notify the creator and the To/CC persons.

Sample Output for ID494 contains Customer Name, Reference Number, Item Number, Item Description, Contract Number, Contract Type, Equipment Model, Equipment Number, Customer Subject, Customer Message, Equipment Subject, and Equipment Message as shown below:


 Alert has 1 Variable:  

VarW = List of Contract Type(s) (code only, not description) that should NOT be used for supply order (separated by comma)

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