ID100 - New Call Opened for Equipment that has a Status of Demo Overview & Sample:

When a machine goes out on demo, then it's obvious that any service issues be addressed immediately. This alert works if you are using the equipment history tracking process of e-automate and changing the status of equipment going out on demo to a status code that contains the word demo for example. So when new calls arrive this alert will check the equipment status on the call. if the status has the word demo in it then the alert will be send to the email addresses you enter in the To/CC fields. If you want the Tech notified with this special notification then put the word Technician in the Toaddress1 field. If you want the salesrep notified, then we need to speak with you in person in order to know how we can extract the salesrep on the account from eautomate/saleslogix/Soaring/Compass/MSCRM/Act etc. 



This alert has 2 Variables:

VarW = Equipment Status Code(s) to alert on (separate with commas)

VarX  = Branch numbers alert should fire on (separate multiples by comma or leave blank for ALL)

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