ID586 - Monthly Sales Report of Host Equipment by Make for Warranty setup with Mfg, Overview and Sample

Client needed a list of Lexmark machines sold for the month to send to LexMark for warranty registration. This alert runs as an alert and sends a csv file attachment as well with the information mfg's typically require on "HOST" equipment only. You can list the Make (Mfg's) that you want this alert to run for in VariableW. You will receive one email for each make specified. VariableX specifies the cycle you'd like this report to run. VariableY is where you specify if you want to Include or Exclude your customers name that the equipment was sold to or not on the report. If your sending this to your mfg, unless they specify you have to include your customers name we recommend you 'Exclude' that and the report will insert your company name in that column.

ID586 is a Custom Report run from the Eautomate console, Reports/Custom Reports/ID586 .  Sample Report shows the report header:  Date Range the report is for, Date Report was Run, Your Option as to whether or not to Include the Customer Name, and how you want the report formatted.  It also contains your company logo.  

Output contains Make, Item and Item description, Serial Number, Invoice #, Customer Name and Install Date as shown below:


This report has 3 Variables:

VarW = Make(s) to report (enter in the list of Make's separated by a comma that you want to report)

VarX  = Report Cycle (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

VarY  = Include/Exclude (whether you want the report to include your customer name to report to mfg)

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