ID319 - Contract Meter Group containing Color meters and has 0 covered/allowed copies on the Metergroup, Overview and Sample

This is a very specific alert that identifies any Color meters that have 0 allowed copies. It uses the metercategory you assigned to the metertypes you create, if any color meter is on a metergroup that has 0 allowed copies then this alert fires off. Obviously this alert only applies if you never have an instance where you have color meters on a metergroup with no minimum copies.

Meter types and meter categories are created in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes:


Output sample for ID319 contains Branch Name, Contract Number, Sales Rep on Customer, Equipment #, Model, Bill code, Customer Name, Contract Base Amount, Meter Type, Rate, Covered Copies, and Bill Group as shown below:  


This alert has no variables.

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