ID614 - AP Checks Created Today Posi-Pay submission attachment, Overview and Sample

Client uses PosiPay service with their bank that requires them to upload a csv file with the appropriate information. This alert will run each day and attach the csv file to be submitted to the bank to register the checks/amounts with the bank. When we go to install this for you we will request the checking account requirements to hardcode into this alert on your server so that the PosiPay file is accurate with your data. Key string format provided by bank: Pos 1 thru 14 = Account# Pos 15 thru 24 = Check# Pos 25 thru 34 = Amount Pos 35 thru 40 = Date (mmddyy) Also please provide a sample.

Below is a sample of the email that goes to the bank (see 2nd screenshot for copy of log):


 This screenshot shows a sample of the .csv file that would be included in the email (screenshot 1):


This alert has no variables but requires cooperation from your bank to get set up.

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