ID227 - Pending/Scheduled Equipment Deliveries for Sales Reps Overview & Sample:

A lot of dealerships use the dispatching module of e-automate to track deliveries and pickups of equipment. There are some specific setup options that need to be accomplished to facilitate this w/o the delivery calls impacting service call metrics. The most critical is making sure your calltypes setup are assigned to the IR (Install) call type category. Next, because you cannot assign a sales rep to a service call, this alert requires that you setup your salesreps as contacts of your internal e-automate customer (branch) record, and that you create a job for each sales rep as well (assigning the corresponding rep to the appropriate job). All that setup is so you can assign a job to a service call and thru that job/contact association we can determine the sales rep to send notifications regarding deliveries and pickups.

For Install CallType set up in eAutomate/Tools/Lists and Codes/Call types:


To setup your salesreps as contacts of your internal e-automate customer, in eAutomate/Customer Record/Contact Tab:


To Create a JOB for each sales rep, use eAutomate/Tools/Jobs:


Assign this job in the service call dispatch screen:



ID227 output contains delivery information including which truck it will be delivered on, the Priority, The Call Type Description, Due Date, Model#, Serial #, Description, Customer Name, Customer Street Address, Customer City, Call Status, and Hold Description (If applicable)


This alert has the following Variable:

VarW = Character string contained in all the TRUCK employees employeenumber you setup in eAutomate as technicians



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