Cloning 2019

**Updated Cloning feature June 2019**

Some of our alerts are now available for cloning using the same ID#, which means multiple versions of the same alert but with different variables and/or sending to different recipients can now be facilitated!

Now available for these alerts: ID20, ID815, ID536, ID437, ID438

(We are doing our best to identify which alerts are best candidates for our new cloning feature.)

Any alert available for cloning will have at least one variable that must be distinct from it's cloned version. If more than one version running, the cloning will only work if that variable is different for each cloned subscription. Any alert with more than one variable distinction option, does NOT require all those variables to be different. Variables labelled as "Clone Distinction' on description (see below).

For example, alert ID20/Overage Rate Check has variable options for triggering on Model Categories and/or Contract Types. You can now create a clone of this alert to fire on differing variables and select different recipients for each clone. 

When subscribing to a clone-able alert, you must first subscribe to the alert and then after that subscription is saved, you will see an option for 2nd subscription in BLUE:


In order for the clone function to work, each ID# available for cloning has at lease ONE variable that requires a distinct difference and is labeled as such on the variable description with 'Clone Distinction'.


You can distinguish which email output from the alert is which clone by looking at the email footer. You will see ID# followed by A, B, C, etc (a letter for each clone).





Currently, the max amount of clones is as many letters there are in the alphabet (26)!

Please note, email sending limits imposed by your email server could create issues. So if you are not seeing the expected output, please email and we can check for errors.

If you have had any customization's in place for the alert (which removes you from the auto revision stream), you will NOT have access to the cloning functionality for that alert.

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