ID154 - After Hours 24x7 Alert Group with built in Escalation, Overview and Sample

This is a process for managing 24X7 service calls. This alert runs between 5pm and 8am on weekdays and between 5pm Friday until 8am Monday to alert for calls entered outside of business hours for customers where you provide 24/7 service. The first alert fires when the call is created to the email group entered in the equipment custom property attribute field named in Variable W above. A second alert goes out in X mins (VariableX) after call was received if not dispatched to email group in the custom property and any specific emails address in the ToAddress fields on the subscription . A third alert goes out Y mins after the call is received if still not dispatched, email goes to email group in custom property, all the ToAddresses and all the CCAddresses. Variable Z drives another alert if the call is dispatched but tech not arrived within Z minutes of the time the call was created, this dispatched but not arrived goes to everyone in the ToAddresses fields.

Business Hours are set in Eautomate, Lists and Codes, Service Hours:


Shown below is the "second" notification listing, Updated Message, Customer Name, Status of Call, Model, Equipment#, Requested Date, Bill Code, Caller on the call, Description of Problem:


This alert has the following variables:

VarW = Attribute Name used on the Equipment CustomProperty that will contain the group email address to alert for that piece of equipment OR set at the customer level for all equipment at that customer location

VarX  = 2ndAlertMinutes

VarY  = 3rdAlertMinutes

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