ID162 - Two layer Escalation Alert if CM call Pending for > W send to TO or Pending > X send to CC, Overview and Sample

Client wanted to alert their techs when a CM Category call type assigned to them is still pending VariableW hours after the call was created (to send to tech, please put the word TECHNICIAN in the ToAddress1 field). and this alert goes only to everyone in all the ToAddress fields (not the CCAddress). Then, the client wanted an escalated alert to be sent to dispatch when a call is VariableX hours from create date. These set of alerts will only trigger ONCE for each it will NOT repeat the same call# over and over. Its meant to just alert the tech one time for each call and not spam them. Then at variableX hours past create date it goes only to everyone in the CCAddressFields.

Sample output for ID162 shows Call#, Customer Name, Equipment Number, Create Date, Description, Call Type, and Category as shown below:


Variables include:

VarW = Hours from create DateTime and Status Pending to be sent to all ToAddresss

VarX  = Hours from create Date status pending to be sent to all CCAddress


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