ID512 - Daily Alert when Sales Order Items with Specified Sales Code(s) are Fulfilled Overview & Sample:

Client wanted to alert specific person(s) whenever certain items were fulfilled on sales orders. The items are filtered by the salescode assigned to items as specified in variableW. You must input the list of actual "salescodes"..not the sales code descriptions that you assign to the items. The client wants to use this alert as a check to see if the items on that sales order should or should not be added to a contract.

Sales Codes are set up in EAutomate/Tools/Lists and Codes/Sales Codes:


Sales Codes are then assigned to inventory items:


Output for ID512 contains Branch#, Invoice #, Sales Order Number, Date, Customer Name, Model, Serial Number, Equipment, and Contract Number, as shown below:


Variables include:

VarW = List of SalesCode(s) assigned to items fulfilled on salesorders (separate list by commas and enter actual salescodes for items..NOT salescode descriptions)

VarX  = BranchNumbers for alert to trigger on (leave blank for ALL)



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