ID99 - Update Inventory Items Standard Cost with Average Cost Overview & Sample:

The standard cost field in e-automate is a field only used by e-automate when you are creating a PO for an item and you have no vendors setup for that item. In that case, the standard cost field is used. This can be viewed in e-automate/Inventory/Item record:


Many of our clients have requested a routine to update this standard cost field with the current average cost for that item so that the average cost is up front and easily viewed. In e-automate/Inventory/Item Prices you can view the Standard/Last Cost and the Average Cost:


This alert will run a stored procedure to update the standard cost field for all items assigned to inventory code(s) that have the character string (word) entered in Variable W or Variable X above. (There is no test mode available, so we ask to install first on a test database for your review before running on your live production database.)

ID99 Sample Output contains Item Number, Item Description, Standard Cost, Average Cost and Inventory Code Description as shown below:


This alert has two variables:

Variable W = A word or string of characters contained in the Inventory Code description. For example, if you enter "Supply" in Variable W, then the procedure will update all items that are assigned an inventory code with the string "supply" contained anywhere in the code description

Variable X  = Additional character string contained in inventory code description.

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