ID130 - Checks for FMAudit Accounts to be Linked to Eauto or Saleslogix Overview & Sample:

FMAudit accounts and Eauto Customers have to be linked for meters to push/pull, supply orders to be checked, and numerous other reports.

This alert checks for FMAudit accounts to be linked to Eauto or Saleslogix (SLX), by comparing names and addresses.  Someone has to physically link the accounts when matches are found, by putting the EAuto customer number in the ERP number in FMAudit.  Not every Eauto customer record will have something to link to in FMAudit, but every FMAudit account should have a corresponding account in EAuto, (unless you are monitoring a prospect). See *note below.

ID130 Output shows the FM Audit ID#, Name, Street Address, State, Last Onsite Receive Date, Last ERP Pull and Last ERP Push, as shown below:  


This alert has no Variables.

*Note:  If they are just'll need to use the special script to update FMAudit with the AccountID from Saleslogix account screen.

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