ID622 - Alert when Customers Certificate of Insurance is Expiring Overview & Sample:

For clients who wish to track their customers Certificate of Insurance expiration to help their customers keep that updated with the leasing company. VariableW should contain the AttributeName (custom property) you created to track the expiration date. The AttributeType must have a Data Type of [Date]!. This attribute should be assigned to your Contract Custom property tracking configuration. VariableX specifies the number of days in advance you wish to be notified of expiration date. This alert will only fire for customers where the custom property is not blank. VariableY is the Contract Type code(s) to be checked by this alert (enter list of the actual contract code (not descriptions) separated with comma between code(s)

ID622 Output contains Branch Name, Certificate Expiration Date, Customer Name, and Contract Number, as shown below:


This alert has the following variables:

VarW = CustomPropertyAttribute name (Date Type) assigned to Contract custom property tracking

Var X = # Days Prior to Expiration to alert on

VarY  = ContractTypeCode(s) (separate list with comma. Actual code NOT description) to be checked for Cert Of Insurance

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