ID657 - Contract Invoice Batch Not Pushed to Document Queue, Overview and Sample

Client has some issues during Contract Invoice creation thru the contract console that results in invoices being created properly but that batch of invoices are not being pushed into the Document Queue for printing/processing.  They want an alert to run at the end of each day to let them know of any contract invoice batches that did not get created/processed thru the Document Queue so they can take the appropriate action.

They only want the alert to check contract invoices created by certain userid's (the eautomate login id), so enter in the list of user loginid's in VariableW.  It is this loginID check that makes this alert differ from ID274, so this alert is tied to the process whereby direct bill contract invoices are created by a different user than the 3rd party contract billing invoices.  The 3rd party contract invoices are typically never sent to the billing party as that is the leasing company, so there is no need to alert that those documents did not hit the print queue and/or did not print at all.  It is the direct bill invoices that the client is trying to ensure that get printed and processed thru the document queue, and their process is different users process those different invoices and therefore this alert only looks for invoices created by the user(s) dedicated to billing the direct bill contracts.

ID657 Output provides the Alert Type, Invoice #, Invoice Billed To customer Name, and an Updated Message, as shown below:


This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = EAutomate user login IDs who created contract invoices (separate list by commas)

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