ID140 - Turn off the Bill Contract Box on Contracts with Unpaid Invoices Overview & Sample:

This is a process task that will automatically go through your service contracts and Uncheck the Bill Contract box on the contract, based on certain criteria you set.

With many dealerships who bill service through leasing companies there are issues with the leasing company failing to notify them of particular accounts that are not paying the service portion of the payment. The dealership continues to bill the customer contract in the system, allowing the customer to receive service & supplies, sometimes for many months before the problem is identified. In order to stop the bleeding, a dealer requested that we create this alert to turn off the Bill Contract checkbox on any contract that was Active and had more than Variable W outstanding invoices. This checkbox when unchecked, means the contract will no longer appear in the billing queue to be billed, but the contract will still show as covered for service and supplies. 


We highly recommend when you receive the email showing contracts that were updated by this task, you then update the contract Status to be Pending Payment. By following this best practice, when a call or order is entered for equipment on these contract, EA puts a big red stamp on the transaction saying Pending Payment, to alert your team of an issue and not to process the transaction until discussed with management.


When a contract is updated by this task, it emails notifying you which contracts were affected, it will also create a note on the contract to record why the checkbox was disabled and a date.

Sample Email sent when task runs:


The variables are listed below, and these are the defaults. You will need to change the # of unpaid invoices, default is set as 3. 


CEO Juice will create the custom property ZCJBillCheckOverride in eAutomate when they install the alert. The default property will show "Yes" meaning all contracts will be considered by the task. You will only need to update the contracts you do not want this task to update, manually set to “No”. 



  • This alert UnChecks the Bill Contract box only, it does not reset the checkbox back on, that must be managed manually by you.
  • There is a complimentary alert ID114 that lists all Active Contracts (not terminated, end date greater than today or no end date) that have this checkbox turned off. 


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