ID332 - Setup Contract for Customer Review on Custom Property for Next Due, Overview and Sample

For clients who want to setup a review schedule on certain contracts we create a custom property for the Next Review date on the contract and then this alert will send the information VariableX days in advance of that date (and will also include any reviews past due). As your salesreps peform the review then you edit the nextreview date to forward for the next review that is due. Some clients have a document that the customer signs off on as part of the review that the rep is required to turn back in and this document is their trigger to advance the next review date. You could even scan in that customer page and attach it to the contract for evidence and acceptance of the review.

Contract Custom Property Attributes are created in Eauto, under Tools/Lists and Codes/Attributes:


And made available to use during events by adding to the contract custom property as shown below: 


Once placed on a contract, you will see them on the contract (custom property tab): (This alert ID332, would have a custom property with the type of date, for NEXT Review Date, or ExpDate.)


Variables are:

VarW = CustomPropertyAttribute on Contract holding next review date OR the phrase "EXPDATE" (if you want the review cycle to be X days ahead of expiration date)

VarX  = Days In Advance to alert on review due (will include all past due alerts as well)



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