ID191 - Juice Mail Processing Heartbeat Overview & Sample:

If you are using our email processing engine (ID395),  to process inbound and outbound DeskTech communications, then you also need to have this alert running so it will monitor the mailproclog table for errors that indicate a problem communicating with the SMTP server.

It will also monitor work order notes and call notes for DeskTech communication notes and any additional notetypes specified in ID395 (notetypes that should be sent as email to the contact on the call) and check to make sure those notes were processed thru the email service. If a note is not found in the outbound log file this alert will notify the creator and the 'To/CC' addresses below that the note might not have been sent thru the email service. 



DeskTech Overview: (This is an add on module from ECi/e-automate)

DeskTech is a ticket management system for your helpdesk team that is designed to help dispatchers create and track all types of service calls for equipment as well as resolve issues without having to send a technician out on a call. With DeskTech you can enter and track service calls for labor of the equipment as well as IT work, technical support calls, and customer support calls.

DeskTech provides you with a simpler, more conducive means to log multiple IT-type service entries and record the amount of time spent on each entry. DeskTech gives you the ability to enter, triage, process, and close tickets all from one screen. DeskTech also provides the option for you to assign tickets to technicians, escalate service tickets, and add labor records to any ticket. DeskTech lists both service calls from the Dispatch Console in e-automate and service tickets created in DeskTech.


When adding a new ticket, you can provide each service ticket in DeskTech with detailed information such as customer billing information, contract details, labor performed on the service ticket, any attachments pertaining to the service ticket, and so on. Through DeskTech (and e-info on the customer end), a technician can also correspond with a customer regarding the service ticket issue. 

DeskTech is accessed through a web browser. The URL is provided to you when you purchase DeskTech.


ID395 is a requirement for ID191

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