ID620 - Changes to DCA-monitored Contracts, Customers and Equipment (Printfleet, FMAudit, Fleetview, etc)

One of the biggest challenges in managing the interaction between eAutomate and a Data Collection Agent (Printfleet, FMAudit, etc) is noticing a change in one system that requires action in the other. For instance, if a machine's physical location changes and is noted in eAuto, it is important to notify your DCA Administrator so the changes can be reflected elsewhere. Likewise if the billing cycle of a contract changes, it may be important to change the meter export schedule from your DCA.

This alert would monitor all fields critical to DCA management and advise of changes in eAuto. Examples include the above, as well as when a contract is terminated or equipment is removed from a contract.

Custom Properties are used to identify Contracts and Customers to be monitored, and either a Custom Property or specific Meter Contact is used to identify equipment.


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