ID414 - Sales Order Alternate Sales Rep RM01 Billed (Excludes Service Invoices) Overview & Sample:

This alert was written for a specific Juice+ Client who uses a process where they pay a % of billable sales orders to a rep that turns in a lead for supply sales. In their process the salesrep on the supply order is the actual supply rep. However, they use the AlternateSalesRep feature on sales orders to associate the rep who turned in the lead. They manually do this for every supply order (so it is a tedious user dependent process...user must enter that alternate sales rep in on every new order for the appropriate customer). So this alert reports the billable revenue by that alternate sales rep for the previous month. Not an event that many other clients might want to use as it does require that the users creating the sales order remember to associate that alternate sales rep on every order where that applies.

The alternate sales rep can be found in Eautomate, Sales Order on the miscellaneous tab:


Sample email to recipient(s) shows the AltSalesRep, Customer Name and $Amount of sale:


This alert has no variables.

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