ID608 - Set Equipment-Level Call Priority per Customer Custom Property Overview & Sample;

Client has a process where call priorities are set at the Customer Location level, and wants the individual Equipment at that location to mirror that in the e-automate settings. This alert looks at a specific Custom Property on the Location Customer Record and sets the Equipment Call Priority to match. If the Custom Property is not set the Equipment defaults to the Model-level setting. The alert also sets the Equipment Priority Weight to 100% for all Equipment so that the Call Priority will be the sole determinant in prioritizing calls. AS an option, you can have this alert update the Equipment Response Time by extracting the response hours from the 2nd & 3rd character in the priority description. You must enter the response hours in the priority code description field as in the examples: [04] (4 hours), [08] (8 hr), [24] 24 hour response. Enter 'Yes' in variableX above to have the alert updateresponse hours. The alert runs nightly to update records.

If an update is made, an email is sent and looks similar to the sample below:


This alert has no variables.

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