ID180 - All open calls in Dispatch Board for Supervisor where Customproperty is set to Yes, Overview and Sample

Business Case:  One of our clients had a few high profile customers where they wanted to see all the open calls every morning for those customers, and they wanted to bring these to the field supervisors (technicians managers) as well. So this task will report all the open calls for any customer with the Custom Property attribute set to Yes (as you define in VariableW of the subscription). It will send one email to each supervisor showing all their techs opens calls for the specified accounts, and then one email of ALL calls for all accounts flagged to the To/CC addresses specified in the alert subscription.



Sample Output contains Customer Name, Location, Open/Date of Call, Call#, Call Type, Model, Status, On Hold Time/Technician, and Description  as shown below:



This alert has the following variable:

VarW = CustomAttributeName for Customer Record you created to flag as major account for this alert

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