ID482 - Service Calls Invoiced Against Contract Type(s) listed in Variable Overview & Sample:

Client has setup service contracts for the lease payment as a separate contract from the service revenue and dispatchers are selecting the lease contract for service calls and this is causing errors in billing and inaccuracies in their contract profitability reports. Client wants to be alerted whenever a call is invoiced using any contract for the type(s) listed in VariableW.  This type of setup is great for making sure the correct revenue/costs gets in the correct bucket (only if the correct contract is selected)

Contract Types (VarW) are created in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes/Contract Type:


A contract type is selected on the Service Contract header:


When entering a service call, if there are multiple contracts on the same equipment record, you will need to choose the correct contract for the service call.  The lease contract should not have no charge labor, and supplies shouldn't be includes, so will want to bill the customer:  


In this instance, ID482 should alert you if the call was entered using the Lease contract.

Here's a sample where a call was placed against the leasing contract:


This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = List of contract type code(s) (separate by comma) to alert if used on service call

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