ID244 - Call Created for 'Terminated' Contact, Overview and Sample

For managed service clients who are providing support to 'named' users active at a customers account only, it is critical that the helpdesk know that a contact has been terminated at a customers office.  If you mark the contact as 'InActive'..then the contact will not show up in the list and level one support would just create a new contact as part of their standard operating procedures for 'new' contacts.  So we need the contact to show in the contact lookup list (means the contact has to stay active), but we need the level1 support team to 'see' the contact as terminated. So the workaround is to put the word 'TERMINATED in the Phone field on the eautomate contact screen.  The Phone field shows up in the lookups and the tech should catch that and know the user is not supported.  However, if the tech is not paying attention and goes ahead and selects that 'TERMINATED' user we need to be notified.  So this alert will roll thru all calls created/lastupdated in last 12 hours and notify if the caller contact record has the word TERMINATED in the contact Phone field.

The Phone field can be updated in EAutomate/people/contacts as shown below:



Sample output showing caller "phone" as terminated:


This alert has no variables.





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