ID777 - NotifyIfContractMiscChargeType VariableW < (VariableX% * Base), Overview and Sample

Client wants to add a % 'customer service' fee to contracts where customer wants to pay with Credit Card. So they created a Misc Contract Charge Code (VariableW) 'CreditCard Convenience Fee' with the $ amount of 3.5% of the base charge. What they wanted is an alert so that if the contract scheduled rates increase and the Misc charge is < than this handling fee (variablex) to alert them so they can update the Misc. Charge amount to the correct amount.

Sample convenience fee of 3.5% of base charge as a Miscellaneous Contract Charge code (created in EAutomate/contracts/miscellaneous tab...


Sample output:



Variables contain:

VarW = Misc Charge Code to check on Contract

VarX  = The multiplier of base to check (enter as decimal .35 for to check charge as 3.5% of base)


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