ID384 - Specific Supply Items (Category Below) not Linked to Contract if Customer has Specified Contract Type Overview & Sample:

Ensuring all toner is properly applied to the customers contract so contract profitability reports are accurate is important. Because some contract types do not have a monthly billing, (customer just buys the toner and gets free labor) clients often don't link printers to the contract. This process is where any supply order that is entered for a customer that has an active contract type we specify in VariableX and if the item is in category VariableW then alert if it is not linked to the contract. Use alert ID23 to track standard zero charge supplies with no contract.

Item Category Types (for VarW) are created in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes as shown below:


And entered into the item record in Eautomate/Inventory/Item, as shown below:


Contract Types (for VarX) are also set up in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes as shown below:


And placed into the contract as shown below:


Sample output lists SONumber, CustomerName, Date, Item, Description, Category and Contract Number as shown below: 



Variables include:

VarW = ItemCategory to check - Required, Choose Multiple categories by separating with commas

VarX  = ContractType exists for customer - Required, Choose Multiple Contract Types by separating with commas

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