Can I Customize the time when an alert runs?

We often receive requests to change an alerts run time to a clients specific time i.e. instead of Monday morning make it Tuesday afternoon, and we can normally accommodate such requests, but there are some things to consider when changes are made for an alert that is full Automated.

An 'auto-deploy' alerts, means the alert is designed to automatically install, when clients subscribe, and update in your system when a new version is released. If the default schedule was overridden to our clients customized time today, and a new version was rolled out and automatically updated tomorrow, the alert would revert back to our default schedule. The client would need to notify us to change the schedule again. 

The other option is to disable the auto-deploy functionality altogether, which would allow our client to set a customized schedule, however this removes the alert from receiving automatic releases for new revisions.  If the alert stops working, you would need to reach out to our helpdesk and ask us to investigate. If there is an issue that has since been resolved with a newer version, we would then manually update the alert. If the alert revision was a critical version, we would manually update it (an installer would connect to your server to do the work). This 'manual install work' would be put into a queue, and it's important to note there can be a delay based on number of clients who need to manually receive the update, which ultimately causes a delay for you.

If you feel our default schedule for an alert is not a valid one, please let us know your reasoning.

Email our helpdesk if you wish to put in a request for an alert schedule run time change. Include the Alert ID#, current schedule and the new requested schedule and we will review the options.

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