ID854 - To notify customers when a service call is Opened/Dispatched/Closed/Canceled/Invoiced


ID854 notify customer of delivery/dispatch - This alert is a clone of ID181. Only difference is it let's you pick Call Types to include. Do you have customers complaining that they had to call in multiple times to get a response, or is dispatch/techs spending too much time calling customers with updates? This alert will send an email confirming the call has been Entered/Dispatched/Closed/Invoiced/Rescheduled/Cancelled. You choose at the customer level how many emails they get, some may just want to be notified when the tech is on the way, others may want all. We find that when the technician knows that dispatching means telling the customer they are on the way they tend to go straight there and not detour. Option to default this process on for all customers except those who say no or just turn on for specific customers (Variable Y). This can also be a question on the closed call survey and just turn on for people who answer the question. Customers seem to really like this, especially knowing who is coming and may even greet your tech by their 1st name. We email the person who placed the call not the equipment contact. Use alert ID87 to ensure Dispatch is getting an email address. If you have a HelpDesk situation use alert ID54 where we always email HelpDesk regardless of who placed the call.

Click here for ID181

Click here for ID54 


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