ID524, ID525, ID526, ID527 and ID528 - Cloned ID109 for branches/divisions etc.

Some clients have expressed an interest in surveying closed calls in more than one department of their organization (for instance, if you want to ask different questions for your POS division than you do your Copier/printer division). This and the other 'alternate' alerts in this series allow you to customize surveys to those different departments. Our closed call survey is our most popular process, this process will have the single biggest impact on your business, we would encourage you to just get it started and tweak it later. Not only does it give you an automated way to survey your customers ongoing but we push the results back into e-Automate so you can run reports. Would it be useful to be able to see how your customers stack ranked your techs? What about solving customer service issue before they gain momentum? Add alert 87 to ensure Dispatch gets a valid email. Our tool to measure customer satisfaction is tied into this survey. We provide a Dashboard where you can review survey responses, many clients have significant success using this as a sales tool.

See here for ID109.


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