Managing Item Records for Multiple Brands / Like Manufacturers (ID922)

With manufacturers merging, more and more dealers are servicing varying brands that all are the same, just labelled differently. For example, Ricoh/Savin/Lanier are all under one umbrella, just like Canon/HP/Oce...

This can be tricky to manage and keep track of in eAuto as you can't create Item Records with identical Item Numbers. But your client wants to see their invoice, service tickets, etc. reflect their Model, the sticker on the device. And you still need your staff to be able to see Related Items for ordering purposes and your customer to see Related Items on eInfo. 

Below are two options for suggested Best Practice:

1. Update Records to reflect description covering all manufacturer's brands. This ensures no matter what label your customer has on their device, their orders, invoices, service tickets, etc. will match.

Update Description on Item Record of device:



Update Description on Model Record:



2. Maintain separate Item Records for each Manufacturer name. Many dealers are using the true OEM number on their Item Record for that which they're certified dealer of and use the BOM for the other brand(s) Item Number.


In this example, dealer is Ricoh certified, but also has Savin equipment.

Item Record for Savin IMC4500 shows Item Number as IMC4500-SS AND Vendor tab shows Ricoh as Preferred Vendor AND includes Ricoh EDP (OEM) number:



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