Salesforce & integration using SailorGroup/AgentDealer Connection - ID258

We haven't had success directly with Salesforce integrating our reports with their CRM. However, SailorGroup/AgentDealer has worked with many of our clients to integrate our ID258 Quarterly Business Review report into the Salesforce platform. 

*Note, AgentDealer does charge a one time set up fee of $600 to add this connection button into Salesforce. Please check directly with AgentDealer to confirm current charges, as these may have changed*

Step 1: Make sure your company is subscribed to and has alert ID258 installed, subscribe here

Step 2: You will need to reach out to SailorGroup/AgentDealer directly for set up. Once they have set up for you, your reps will have option to request at Customer Level:






Rep can select HistoryMonths, but please note this is controlled by your ID258 subscription Variable1:



There are a few variables on ID258 that will effect the content of the report, please see this link for those details.




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