ID662 - Inactive or Terminated Contracts with Accrual Balances, Overview and Sample

This alert fires monthly and checks for any contracts which have been Terminated or made Inactive while still having an accrual balance. You can cross-check results by using search in Contracts Active equals 'No' and Unearned Balance is greater than or is less than "zero" - you may have unearned balances with blanks returned after your search. Sort by unearned balance column to bring the ones with amounts to the top of the list. This alert ignores blanks and just lists any positive or negative unearned balances. To capture balances either re-run Accrue Contracts up to current date or use Accrual adjustments if necessary.

Sample Output includes Branch#, Unearned Balance, Terminated Date, Termination Code ID, Contract Number, Contract Status, Description, Customer Name, Start Date, Expiration Date, Branch Name, Bill Code, and Bill Code Description, as shown below:


This alert has 1 variable:

VarX = Branches to report (separated by comma), leave blank for 'ALL'


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