ID530/ID531 - UPS/FedEx Integration set up for ECi Hosted Clients

ECi Hosted clients can use our UPS/FedEx Integration. It does require ECi to allow WorldShip or Ship Manager access to e-automate database. Without access, the integration cannot be installed. Once ECi provides you the information, we can set up a database connection or ODBC. Charges from ECi Tech Assist may apply.

Contact: first. Provide them with the IP address of your shipping workstation so they can white-list the address and ask for the following:

1. The  SQL server address.

2. The User ID and Login.

Then you can set up the ODBC as a 32-bit System DSN:




If the login ID / password or the  SQL server address is wrong, you won’t be able to use the drop down below to select your e-automate database.


Hit next through the following screens. The final screen has the "Test Data Source..." button:



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