ID41 - AR Customers eView (In Development)

 A suite of eViews Accounts Receivable data on invoice payment data and customer statistics.

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This suite of eViews will provide you:

1. The payment details for each invoice in your system and is the basis for customer level statistics.

2. The Customer Level payment statistics for the last 3-months, 6-months and lifetime DSO, DTP, Avg Balance, Min/Max Balance, etc.

3. The Customer Level aging balances at the end of each Fiscal Period broken down the aging by Invoice Types (Sales/Service/Contract) with AvgDSL for the customer, for that period and for % of 60 days


Type of Output: eView


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This alert is still in development, no samples available until in Beta Status


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This alert/eView has no variables




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OnDemand Report Filters

This alert is still in development, no details available until in Beta Status


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