Office 365 Outbound Connector Set Up

We highly recommend setting up the outbound connector in Microsoft 365 to send emails through because using comes with some restrictions.  The biggest one is a 30 message per minute rate limit which we can, and often do, hit very easily.  It can cause unexpected results like notifications only being partially delivered, some surveys may not reach your customers, etc.  The connector also eliminates the need to set "Send As" permissions.

Here are some basic instructions on how to setup the outbound connector:
1. Sign into
2. In the upper left, click on the My Apps icon and click Admin to navigate to the Admin Portal
3. Once in the Admin Portal, Under ADMIN, Click on Exchange to bring up the exchange Admin Center
4. On the left-hand side, click on Mail Flow, then proceed to click on the Connectors tab
5. Click the + sign to create a new connection
** You must use "Your organization’s email server", using "Partner organization" will not work**


6. In the New Connector Window, in the From drop-down list, select “Your organization’s email server"
7. In the New Connector Window, in the To drop-down list, select “Office 365"


8. Proceed to click Next
9. Give it a meaningful name and click Next


10. Check the “By verifying that the IP address of the sending server matches one of these IP addresses that belong to your organization” option box


11. Click the + sign to open the Add IP Address window. Type the public IP address in the text box and click on OK.

**This needs to be your IP Address of server our software services are running on. Since our software is installed on a server on your network, any SMTP connection will appear from your IP address.  You can determine your IP address through a web site such as**


12. Proceed to click Next then Save to save the connector


When setting up the SMTP Client on a device, use the MX record host name. can be used to obtain that hostname, otherwise it can be found in the domain setup section of the wizard.
After you set it up please let us know the address we should be pointing to.  The hostname will be similar to this:


Thank you!

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