Paying CEO Juice Invoices

You can pay our invoices online via bank transfer at no cost. We use QuickBooks for invoicing and we only email invoices. You can also set the invoices up to be paid automatically, or get us the payment details and we will set up. Our contract is always month to month and you can email us to stop payments at any time at

Our invoice will be attached to the email but at the bottom of the body of our email is an option to review and pay.


QuickBooks will default the amount you are paying to the current invoice (1), but you can view the open balance by clicking (2) View Invoice. You can NOT view other open invoices, email us for a copy, you can only see open balance.


When you view the invoice we show the total open, you can then adjust the Payment Amount to cover the open balance.


For US clients the only payment option is a bank transfer, we offer credit cards to non US clients only.


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