Why Does CEO Juice need an eAutomate User Login?

We ask our clients to set up a 'ceojuice' user login ID so our team can log into e-automate for various reasons. We encourage you to set up a user dedicated to the ceojuice team only, for any tracking purposes. We have had some clients tell us to use the Admin user login, and if that is the only option we can, but would prefer a dedicated user, normally named ceojuice. Note this user is not the SQL user that IT created, this is a user to log into the eAutomate client, like any of employees with access to eAutomate.

We ask for e-automate access for a few reasons:

1. When you/your team request us to validate data on an alert or on a report, it will typically require us to review the set up and/or transactions created inside eAutomate.
2. We use custom properties extensively with our alerts to allow you to ‘tweak’ output, and we need to create those custom properties for the alerts that your users subscribe to. For example, if you have surveys activated to your customers, and a customer requests to turn it off, you would disable it by updating a custom property in their customer record. Those custom properties need to be created by CEOJuice.
3. Some alerts come with eviews and custom reports (run within EA reports folder), depending on what alerts your users decide to turn on we would need to install them and test by running the report to ensure they work correctly.
We typically request admin rights into a clients system, as this will cover all areas as your team make requests to our helpdesk. However we understand if that is not an option, then ‘view only’ rights to the different modules for service, equipment, contracts, inventory, as well as write access to custom properties (under lists & codes) and e-views will cover the minimum.
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