ID961 - Tasks (In Development)

Our process can generate a lot of emails, some can slip through the cracks, some can be overload and some can be really important. An email inbox is not the best place to sort these so we are offering you the option of Tasks.

We will start by giving you the option to get an email and/or task, the tasks will initially be in our task app, if we see enough adoption we will expand support for other task apps like Office365 or CRMs.

With a task you can assign it to someone else, we can tell if it's been completed, chase if not, have it disappear after a period of time, add notes on why etc.

Take a look at the video below and PLEASE get us some feedback.


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Below is our initial release (still in development) of this Task App:

App shows ID#, Status (Action Required vs. Informational), Assigned To (if task assigned to specific user(s)), Completed:



Filters available to see only Open and/or Closed Tasks:Open_Closed_Filter.png

and can filter by user(s):



Users will be given rights to view/edit/assign based on permissions set for user to see specific Module (i.e. Accounts Payable, Service, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, etc.):



 *  *  *


Alert Tasks

Sample Action Required on ID219/Closed Call Data Entry:

In this example, ID219/Closed Call Data Entry Issues, is reporting on an Uninvoiced Service Call with high labor entry (per ID219 variable setting). Task shows which branch and that an action is required (please review and fix if needed).

1. Can assign this task to yourself or to another user (as long as that user is permitted access to the module the alert falls into). Tasks will be automatically assigned to anyone list in the To: fields of your alert subscription.



When assigning a task, enter what needs to be done:


Details now show who is assigned, due date and provides a log of edits to task done and by whom:


User will then review and update task as completed with notes:



Task now shows as completed on dashboard:



Sample Informational ID20/Overage Rate Check:

Shows ID# and task is status of Information with expiration date. That expiration date is when the alert will fire off again. If NOT marked as completed by this expiration date, we will automatically mark as completed (noting nothing done) and then updated results from ID20 will show as a new task with new due date. 


Inside the task is listing of all qualifying records (based on your ID20 variable settings) visible much like current email format:



If work does need to be done, then edit task, change to action required, assign as needed:







 *  *  *

Other Task Types:


Shows delivered report (i.e. ID204 Tech Productivity Report):



With option to run the report, as well as other standard functions to assign, edit, etc:



Create New Task:

Misc task needed not related to CEO Juice alerts or reports can be created as reminder and to ensure completed in timely manner. For example, ensure training schedule completed in time for your next service meeting:



Enter task details, assign, set priority, due date, and add notes as needed:



 Now the task is visible on the main screen and ready for completion by user:





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