ID136 - Ensuring servicing dealer charges rates per ITT contract Overview (In Development)

Compare ITT Contract Rates to ensure rates correct

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For our ShipOuts, dealers will typically get an ITT agreement in place with the servicing dealer, but it can be a challenge and a very manual process to ensure the servicing dealer continues to charge you the correct rate. This process requires you to set up a non-billing (dummy) contract with all the details, including escalation, per the ITT agreement. Then add this contract # to a custom property on the live contract. Juice would then create a vendor invoice, put it on hold, individual line items within the vendor invoice would show details of the contract including equipment number, dates, and rates. Once the actual invoice arrives, the dollar amounts are compared and adjusted if need be. If the differences are within an acceptable tolerance, the hold is removed and the servicing dealer would be paid.

You also must be using our ITT service call & meter sync - ID890.


Run Schedule: Weekly

Type of Output: Email


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None at this time


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VariableW: Custom Property for use on actual Customer Contract Record containing Contract Number of "Dummy" Contract with ITT Dealer


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Alert Functionality

None at this time


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Best Practices & Tips

None at this time


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ID890 - ITT Service Call Sync (subscription to this alert required)


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    is their any setup direction on how to set up this to work? and how to test it before going live? Does this only work with dealers we sync with?





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    Juice Support

    Greg - this one is still in development. We will send you an email from as follow up.

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