Covid 19 Advice:

Here are some links we think you may find useful.

New Treasury guidance on the Payroll Protection Program.

It is recommended if you are interested in applying, that you immediately reach out to your existing commercial banker/lender to ensure that they have SBA Preferred Lender status with Delegated Underwriting Authority and let them know of your intent to apply for a loan under the Payroll Protection Program.  We also recommend you proactively fill out the application as to be ready for submission with the forms and guidance currently issued by the Treasury Department.  Please see the link below for a fillable copy of the application.

Insperity one of the largest PEOs in the nation webinar is highly recommended by many clients.
Webinar: CARES Act of 2020 – Opportunities for Small Businesses

Jim Kahrs - Prosperity Plus - How the CARES Act Small Business Stimulus Applies to YOU

We have 3 new processes to help also, ID570 - Trends in Customer requesting billing relief due to Covid-19 interruption, ID568 - eAuto activity trends to see how employee work volume is changing and ID558 - Contract billing trend. to gauge how much the shut down is impacting contract billing. 

Looking for good "down time" work, that will pay off in the long term, click here.


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