ID366 - Tableau Dashboards

This process allows you to implement Tableau Dashboards that Juice would design. In addition, you have the option to create your own. This process has additional fees (see below).

Tableau has three types of users: Viewers, Explorers & Creators. See documentation for differences on

Up to five data sources are included. Viewers cost $10 per month each, billed annually at $120. Explorers cost $20 per month/$240 annual and Creators $75 per month/$900 annual. We don't believe any clients would need Creator licenses. For this to work we need a good chunk of our client base to sign up, we are fine with smaller dealers just getting one copy of Viewer, but need larger clients to agree to more.

The data you need to view has to be in a cloud. This would be an Amazon AWS instance controlled by us.

We understand that dealers are cutting expenses, especially during COVID. However, we really need some dashboard tools right now to show trends which drove this decision.

Signing up for this does not commit you at this point. We are just trying to see if the numbers work. Use the variables to tell us the quantity of each you believe you would want.

ECi has their Cognytics Dashboard also coming out soon, but we have been waiting and while we will also support the ECi product we believe this may spur them to develop quicker.

Tableau is the best product fit based on our own reviews and feedback from clients, see this post on Viewers vs Explorers vs Creators.

Three of the new COVID19 processes we just rolled out should all be in a Dashboard:  ID568 - Auto Activity Trends, ID558 - Contract Billing Trends, and ID569 - Meter Trends.

Our Tech Activity report (ID204) stack ranks your technicians for a week or a month, but it cannot show you trends without being in a dashboard. How is my team trending year over year, or doing a one on one with a tech to see how first call effectiveness is trending. Perhaps even trends that impact their bonus.

Our Quarterly Business Review (ID258) is very popular, but how much better would it be in a dashboard! Would your sales guys show an online version? Might you even give your top customers their own login?

Our machines in field report (ID923) just won't run for some of our larger clients. It needs to be in a dashboard. What about looking at Net Promoter Score by model?

Inventory turns (ID806) needs to be in a dashboard. Slicing and dicing your customers and the Key Services they use (ID789) needs to be in a dashboard. Even our Survey Dashboard is not a true dashboard. Would your sales team review survey responses with prospects?

Of course, all owners want a dashboard showing the key metrics they want to focus on. 

CEO Juice is providing this as a service at our cost.

Tell us what else you would like to see!

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