Connecting ID568 to Power BI:

We are making some of our reports available as a Power BI dashboard. As these are complicated for us to auto install and we are not sure how much everyone will use them we are just giving you the files and these instructions on how to connect them. Power BI is typically free for Office365 users. The Power BI file for ID568 is attached at the bottom of this post. Please use this to connect ID568/eAuto Activity Trends to Power BI.

Requires you be subscribed to alert ID568, CLICK HERE to subscribe please.

We are starting with this simple dashboard example. (ID770 - Financial Dashboard now or ID28 - Service)

Note we went with a new easier connection for all newer Power BI dashboards, use this page just for ID568 until we update that.


* * *

When opening a new PowerBI file from CEO Juice, you will need to connect it to your data before you can refresh your data.


  • Download and install free Power BI Desktop here
  • You must have a login to your SQL Server running your e-Automate and CEOJuice databases. Your login will need a minimum of read access to the CEOJuice and your e-Automate databases.
  • Requires you be subscribed to alert ID568, CLICK HERE to subscribe please.

 Double click .pbix to open file. Download from footer.

To change the datasource,  click File and got to Options and settings.


Choose Data Source Settings

 To edit the data source, make sure the “Data source in current file” is selected and click Change Source.


In Server, enter your SQL Server instance name that holds the e-Automate and CEOJuice databases.  If you do not know this, consult your IT dept.   You do not need to change any advanced options.  Click OK to save.

Next click Edit Permissions… to update the login to the SQL Server.

Click Edit.

Enter your SQL Login here.  Alternatively, if your Windows login has access to SQL Server, you can chose to use that on the left.  This login must have a minimum of Read access to your e-Automate and CEOJuice databases.  Click Save. 

Click OK to close the Edit Permissions.
Click Close to close the Data Sources settings.
Click on Refresh to refresh the report with your data.

Click the link below to download the ID568 Power BI file. 

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