ConnectWise Mange sync to eAuto - Sales orders & tickets

As we wrap up phase 1 of our integration we are starting on phase 2 and want feedback please.

In phase 1 we synced companies & contracts, more here.

For the next phase, we are looking to sync approved sales orders in CW Manage to sales orders in eAuto, including syncing or creating the inventory items needed. We are assuming all purchasing takes place in eAuto. We will sync back stock status of these orders to CW Manage. We look at the CW Manage order status to know when it is ready to process and we do not support changes to that order after processing. We assume a change request with a new order.

We look for purchasing details in the attachment tab of the opportunity which should be transferred to the CW Manage sales order. We currently plan to attach this to the order in eAuto. We assume that inventory items in eAutomate will have the same number as in CW.

We will 1st check to see if the items on the Manage order exist in eAuto (based on item #), if not we will create them on the fly, using templates as we do on the Contracts. Once all items are in place we will create the sales order. We expect you to create the PO in eAuto and we will update the stock status in Manage when the PO is received.

We are also looking to sync all time card entries (tickets) from CW Manage to eAuto as a summary only. Techs will need to be in both systems with the correct burden rate in eAuto. To date clients are telling us a summary is just needed so we can associate labor hours / burden rates to get a complete customer profit report in eAuto. We are assuming that there will not be any materials on a service call and that these will be handled via sales orders, tell us if not the case.

We have yet to consider things like syncing contacts and who has an eInfo login versus a CW login.

We are syncing an "escalated" service call from eAuto to CW Manage for those clients who have all calls come to eAuto 1st.

We want to understand who has leased equipment on contracts in CW and any challenges involved. 

Email with feedback please.

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