Adding Accessories to Equipment in eAutomate

It's important to include the accessories for a piece of equipment on the accessory tab of the equipment record. This helps to not only verify all added items to a base machine but is critical for admin staff to ensure that proper supplies are sent. Knowing which finisher is attached to a copy machine will ensure that the proper set of staples is sent out when the client orders them.

First, the model of the equipment record must be set as a host, in order for accessories to be added to the equipment. On the model record, make sure that the box for Host is checked (1):


To add accessories to equipment in eAutomate:

Open the Edit Accessories window.

You can open this window either by highlighting the equipment (1) you want to add the accessories to in the list view and then clicking on the accessories button (2):


Or, you can open the equipment record, click on the Accessories tab (1) and then click on the Edit Accessories button (2):


Once you have the accessories window open, click on the Add button to add accessories to the equipment record.


Choose either Equipment or Item from the Type dropdown menu to set which type of item to add.

Adding Equipment will show the Equipment drop-down list, if you chose Item in type, it will the item dropdown list. 

Choose the Equipment or Item you wish to add as an accessory and then click on the OK button to add to the equipment record.

To link accessories from the Equipment sales order:

On the equipment sales order you designate a "parent" line item (the host machine) and then set the accessories as "child" items to the parent.

Double click on the line item for the accessory and on the Edit sales order item screen select the line item on the order to be the parent account:


Repeat for all accessories on the sales order, once finished, you'll see that the accessories are noted on the order with a 1.1, 1.2, etc:


Even though you designate the relationship of host and accessories on the sales order, you still need to attach accessories using the equipment accessories functionality. You can do this either during the fulfillment process or you can edit the equipment record beforehand. During the fulfillment process chose to edit the equipment record and go to the accessories tab. Or before fulfillment, open the equipment record and go to the accessories tab. You'll see the linked accessories from the sales order showing:



You will just need to approve the addition of the accessories and then they will be linked to the host equipment.


Consuming Accessories:

To allow for accessories to be consumed on host equipment, first you need to set this up in Options. Go to Options, Equipment (1) and then under the Accessories section (2) check the options for allow accessory consumption of serialized items and non-serialized items:


The consumption process completely removes the items from inventory and adds the cost of the consumed items to the host equipment item. Consumed items do not show on sales invoices or orders when added to the order/invoice. 

If you are not consuming accessories, e-automate transfers items from their current inventory location to the host equipment location upon association or the assembled bin based on your configuration.

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