ID770 - Financial Dashboard (Power BI)

See here for getting Power Bi in place. Note we are including a Native View and a "Zebra" view. The Zebra view is a cool toolset we think clients will love but costs about $100 per year. We are also adding a budget section, which will allow you to import budget numbers from a spreadsheet. We are also adding data from ID900, our financial benchmark aka "The Model". Click here to download the file (9/4/20 version). Note you must be signed up for ID770 for this to install and run as we push needed support tables.

For ECi Hosted clients please ask ECi to install Power BI in their hosted environment.

3 minutes preview below, one hour below that.

One hour extended below with sneak peak at "The Model"


Original one hour extended webinar below (outdated now).


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